I’m Filipe Varela, a UX specialist and digital designer by day, and aspiring art director by night. I bring imaginary worlds to reality through visual experiences and motion graphics.


About Filipe

My name is Filipe Varela (my friends call me keoshi) and I was born in Évora, Portugal. I create enveloping experiences and moments of delight using a variety of mediums to accomplish it: code, web design, photography, video, motion graphics — you name it.

keyframr is the universe where I bring to life imaginary worlds, carefully crafted moving illustrations, and let my imagination run wild with the help of 3D tools.



All the work you see here was created with Cinema 4D and Redshift.


The text on this site is set on a one-of-a-kind, modified version of René Bieder’s Neue Rational.


Personal site → keoshi.com

Photography → mutelife.com